Community Support Group

At SEDPI, we believe that it is not easy to navigate financial opportunities and challenges alone. This is why we created community support groups. The groups are mostly online communities where information are shared and healthy discussions transpire. SEDPI initiates meetings and gatherings to the support groups to provide updates and guidance. 

Consultations and Advice

SEDPI financial advisors can help you gain peace of mind and achieve your dreams for the future. We understand that everyone's financial situation and needs are unique. We address your complete financial wellbeing to help you simplify your plans. We also build a team around your needs, goals and dreams. 


SEDPI is the Philippine's premier capacity builder in the areas of microfinance, social entrepreneurship and financial literacy. (L)Earning Wealth is SEDPI's flagship program for financial education. Product and service offerings include (1) trainings, (2) consultations and advice, (3) community support groups and (4) publications.


Information made practical, relevant and effective. That's the goal of SEDPI Books as a publisher. Most publications on personal finance are either too technical or too personal. SEDPI Books strives to strike the balance such that readers are not intimidated but are motivated and inspired through well researched publications. 

Wealth Building Trainings

SEDPI trainings have been consistently evaluated as excellent since its inception in 2004. On average, it mounts more than 110 training events per year. Financial literacy training courses are designed to help participants improve financial habits and reach financial freedom.

Innovative and excellence-driven personal finance solutions just for you.

Wealth Building Trainings You Can Trust


Knowledge about wealth building and financial management is not limited to bankers and savvy millionaires. It is a science that has principles that can be taught-- which means you can study and learn about these if you take courses and study under the right trainers.



Fun. Practical.

Financially Stable Trainers.

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